It begins with discovery. The designers of web design agency Singapore discuss with the client of what the project is about, why the website has to be designed, who are the visitors, what do you want them to do, what is the sales process, how do you make the visitors seek you and what defines the success of the project. You also need to ask for their aesthetic preferences and the design assets available with you. These questions help in designing a project brief or specifications.

Conceptual Renditions

Here designers craft the custom demands on the basis of their findings derived from their discovery process mentioned above. Many designers will give away onlu a single rendition. Others may have options for you. When you have choices, it becomes easier for them to work on.

Revision & Approval

Here collaboration comes in handy. Clients must always offer feedback and be ready for the idea that they need to go for some revisions. The process here is the mechanism where clients can pitch some designs by influencing the designers on what to work on as per his needs. This must not be a hard task but an effort between two teams to accomplish goals.

Talia Issac