AGM stands for the Annual General Meeting that is held at a shareholders platform to present your opinion and voting issues of a running company. Shareholders of the company are encouraged to present their voting issues strongly. These voting issues concerned with AGM voting contributes to a very good governance in the company that safeguards the complete investment. These investments can be helpful to focus on the minority group of the people working for the company.

Features of the trading shares during the AGM meeting

The shareholders of the company can freely buy or sell the shares according to the stock market. Block shares are done through the Clariant approach of the company, and any change in the holdings can be easily figured out during the registration process. The list of the holdings that are automatically registered is done through the adapted investors.

Meeting association of the AGM

Currently, the issue of voting is related to the pandemic of COVID-19, and it is being held in the usual form. The issue of voting is regarding the protection of the health and safety of the people that are concerned with the Board of Directors. They have decided that the shareholders can continue their work through the independent proxy. Due to the pandemic, social distancing is considered important, people can vote without attending the meeting that is through online voting or exit polls.

Deadlines are set by the banks and brokerages so that they can receive the voting instructions that are imposed by the company to the voters. The deadlines may vary from institution to institution and can be set earlier as well. Tata consumer products have been working for a long time in the AGM voting process and work according to the terms and conditions set by different companies.

Talia Issac